The services provided by designphase australia are best understood by examining the sequence of events that take place with any new project. These are:

1. Client Briefing

It is essential that the client’s needs, timing requirements and financial considerations are finalised prior to commencement of a project. Often we
prepare the brief itself based on conversations that seek to clarify the reasoning and basic assumptions of the client’s requirements.

2. Budgets and Time Programming

A critical part of our assessment is to determine how much the project will cost and how long it will take to complete. Feasibility of the project is
determined through analysis of the client’s requirements. We are then able to prepare preliminary sketch plans, a budget, and an estimated time scale.

3. Organisational Analysis and Space Planning

Following the initial brief the team begins an in-depth analysis of the current and future dimensions of the client’s organisation and working
structure. Once the inter-relationships of communications, personnel movement and work flow have been identified, the process of space planning can start. Within the parameters of the space and budget, a range of design solutions is then proposed.

4. Design Development

The final space plan sets the guidelines for the physical development of the design. In the case of an office tenancy fitout, this first design stage involves the selection of furniture and equipment types, partitions, work-stations, acoustic screens, etc. and their placement in the space plan.

5. Design Aesthetics

This stage is concerned with the selection of materials, products, final finishes and colour schemes. Colour boards are assembled and choices of furniture and equipment are made.

6. Design Approval

Sketch plans, colour boards and samples of selected furniture and equipment are presented to the client, together with a final budget for each phase of the project.

7. Documentation

Working drawings for the complete fitout are prepared together with full written specifications for tender purposes. Recommendations submitted by
consultants – structural, electrical, mechanical, fire services and communications etc. – are checked and co-ordinated.

8. Scheduling

A programme of work is established and co-ordinated with contractors and consultants. Schedules itemising all elements of the project are prepared.

9. Authority Approvals

All requisite statutory approvals, licences and official consents are obtained in conjunction with the client.

10. Tenders and Order Placements

Tenders and quotations are requested from contractors and suppliers which are then analysed. Recommendations are made to the client based on quality, ability to adhere to the programme as well as cost. Contract documents are then prepared and orders placed.

11. Construction

The designphase australia team inspects and co-ordinates all phases of the construction process. Performance of suppliers is verified and the input of other consultants checked.

12. Administration

Control is exercised at all times in the areas of job programming, and progressive payments made to all suppliers. On completion, a thorough check is carried out to ensure that all work is as specified.


designphase australia is a leading exponent of contemporary office planning. As a multi-disciplined interior design company designphase australia has managed highly complex projects, and co-ordinated the works of other consultants. With 12 years’ experience in the tenancy field, we have successfully completed a large number of offices, ranging in size from 100 to 11,000 square metres.

Office planning today requires the synergistic skills of a team capable of supplying a whole spectrum of services.

Many aspects of business management are considered – from systems and procedures, communications, office location, job satisfaction, staff motivation and productivity to the design of the corporate image



designphase australia has developed impressive credentials in resort planning with completed projects in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.

Our expertise in the design of foyers, dining facilities, bars and ballrooms, and of specialised furniture from guest room casegoods to such functionally intricate pieces as hotel reception desks is well known..


The success of a project rests on the designer’s ability to develop a total image package – including signage, napery, lighting and customized fittings. designphase australia is also well versed in the functional aspects of restaurant design, such as acoustics, ergonomics and effective space utilisation.


designphase australia has a very broad spectrum of experience in the retail sector, from individual retail establishments, clothing chains, jewellery stores, bookshops, quick print and photographic outlets. Our initial involvement encompasses the technical dimensions of the project – structural modifications, space planning, traffic flow – as well as the creation of attractive and user-friendly retail environments.


Our ability to design within large volumes of space…our knowledge of the uses and limitations of materials – our highly disciplined approach to time programming and budget control are just some of the qualities that we bring to refurbishment projects.